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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Man Overboard. Rainy days. Cats. Tattoos. The moon. cuddles. smoking helps me forget you. Pink flowers. Miso soup. you aren't a waste of space.

brandtj3: Hello ma'am, would you like to have a nice conversation on kik? I'll buy you a pizza if you do, any kind, I love pizza too.

Like do I really get pizza ;-;

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mypetersnorth: Wow. You are sure testy when guys flask their dicks

You can leave ew

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spaceblockastronaut: Your eyes are so pretty!

Thank you love <3 

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playfultrader: Kik me sometime if you feel like it 😉

your icon is a picture of a disgusting flimsy dick get the fuck off my page BYE

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Posted: September 9th
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Finally took pictures of myself because I felt kinda cute ayy ~
Posted: September 9th
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Spent the afternoon in the garden with my sketchbooks and lazy cat.
Posted: September 9th
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Posted: September 9th
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Posted: September 9th
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My mint leaves make me happy &lt;3
Posted: September 9th
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I&#8217;m Celeste and I adore tattoos, poppunk, grunge quality photos and cute girls. Message me because I&#8217;d love to get to know rad people c: